The Science Behind Hydroponics

Science has always been around us, as has water. Hydroponic growing is a united entity of both. Having the endless amounts of liquids wash the gentle roots of your plants will improve its overall health. This is not the only use of hydroponics in gardening, though. Here are some of the most interesting and important […]

Hydroponics Success Grow With LED Lights

Hydroponics - the process of growing plants without using soil - has been around almost two centuries. In the first half of the twentieth century, researchers at Berkeley and the University of California studied hydroponics in greater depth and encouraged it for agricultural production. For a few years in the 1930s, hydroponics was all the […]

Indoor Hydroponics Systems

Though plants have been traditionally grown outdoors in soil, with the use of  hydroponics  techniques, it is possible to grow plants indoors, in fact in any place.  Hydroponics  techniques have been successfully used to cultivate a wide variety of plants even in places with climates that do not support plant growth like deserts and Polar […]

Hydroponics Versus Soil

To understand what the advantages are growing with hydroponics, first you must understand what hydroponics is. Hydroponics is simple. Hydroponics is growing with water instead of soil. Typically a user adds concentrated nutrients into the water, simulating the fertilizers found in soil. With hydroponics you have much more control over your grow then you do […]

Types of Hydroponics Systems

Hydroponics is a way of cultivating plants, by providing nutrients they need to grow in water. Although no soil is used, a medium may be used for the roots to soak and provide constant water supply. Such mediums lead us to think about hydroponics systems, which are discussed below. Basically there are 6 types of […]

Growing Fruits Using Hydroponics

Would you like to try growing your own fresh fruits year round, but live in an area where, due to cold temperatures, snow or poor soil, you are unable to do so outdoors? Instead, why not try hydroponics, a form of gardening in which you can grow plants without any soil at all. There are […]

Plant Nutrition In Hydroponics

 Hydroponics  cultivation is considered to be superior to conventional cultivation because of the numerous advantages it offers. Both commercial scale production and small scale crop cultivation using  hydroponics  techniques have proved to be advantageous in many respects. One of the advantages of  hydroponics  is its simplicity. However, what is essentially a fairly simple, straight forward […]

Hydroponics Systems

 Hydroponics  literally means “working water” (hydro=water, ponics=work). Practically, it means growing plants without using soil, delivering nutrients only by a aerated nutrient solution.  Hydroponics  systems can be either closed or open systems. In closed systems the same hydroponic nutrient solution is recirculated and the nutrient content is monitored and adjusted. Keeping the nutrient balance in […]

Hydroponics Facts

What’s the meaning of hydroponics? It is as easy as growing plants without using soil instead it utilizes liquid nutrient solution. “Space 1999” was a Sci-Fi series that brought up “hydroponics lab” and which as a kid, I by no means really understood just what it is. In truth, I considered this as science fiction […]

Hydroponics in Commercial Food Production

Commercial Hydroponics With the first successful application of hydroponics techniques in the 1930s the stage was set for a paradigm shift in crop production from conventional geoponics or cultivation in soil to hydroponics or soil less cultivation. The first crops to be commercially harvested with hydroponics included tomatoes and peppers, but the techniques were soon […]