Sports Briefing | Dog Show: Tops in Obedience

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Sports Briefing | Dog Show

Heart, a 3-year-old Labrador retriever, won the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show’s obedience competition with a display of deportment that included fetching a few heart-print pillows. Heart, whose owner and handler was Linda Brennan of Columbia, N.J., bested 33 other dogs in the first obedience event of any kind at Westminster since a noncompetitive demonstration in 1956.

Among the challenges for the dogs were sniffing out and fetching a dumbbell their handlers had touched from a pile of otherwise identical dumbbells and sitting in a group while their handlers circled the ring twice without them.

And that was just the first round. The 10 finalists performed elaborate six-minute routines.

Photo by SheltieBoy

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